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And another thing to say about Royalty agencies

Royalty agencies have been having their way for years. And now it seems that we’re seeing more stories coming out about the shady tactics and underhanded systems put in place to maximise  their profits and limit the money sent to artists.

Here’s another example this time from Germany of a collection agency interfering with royalty payments and stopping musicians from do what they want with their music.

Seems like all the love musicians have for composing is all we have left. The rest is just an incredible uphill battle.

via techdirt

Mike Masnick -sick of ‘rights’ of musicians.

Techdirt has a blogpost from Mike Masnick about opposition to Free Music business models. He has a good point about people arguing a lot about the ‘rights’ of the artist to be paid. But what is missed is the underlying problem that musicians ‘need’ remuneration for their work. That will help to assure the quality of music continues to be written and shared.

There was a great comment from Suzanne Lainson about half way through the comments that is worth a look.

What do you think?

How hard does your Royalty agency work for you?

Techdirt reminded me of a question I’ve often had about royalty collection agencies… Especially not-for-profit ones. If all these licenses are being paid to one central agency, surely they should be spending some money to make sure that those people who have earned it get it.
When the onus is on the artist to track down every agency that possibly collects funds I am not surprised that royalties get missed or forgotten.
And once again… the artist loses out.
Geez, how do we manage to exist in this climate?