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Trent Reznor does it again

If you’re a musician or artist who wants to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to publicity and marketing, you would do well to count Trent Reznor as one of your mentors.

Trent has consistently re-invented his connection with his fans over the past few years.

Here is a nice summary of the work that he’s done

His latest idea is the game for the iphone that if you score over a certain amount puts you in the running for some exclusive concert tickets.

Other musicians watch and learn.

p.s. has anyone listened to trent’s newest music? I know as a musician I’m mostly following him for business ideas, I’ve downloaded his album but not listened. What about you?

How are you changing to meet the new music markets?

The guys at Techdirt have long been supporters of new and creative music business ideas.

Lately the Music Label Warner has been discussing a voluntary license for ISP’s to pay that covers the use of downloaded music on their networks.

The latest Techdirt article Bags out Warner for defending their idea

I really appreciate the thought that Techdirt has put into their discussion -I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about all musicians giving their music away for free though, for now though, its an exciting time to be in music.

‘Free’ DVD and music promotion

Always be vigilant, especially when reading TOS or the contractual conditions of submitting your material to a website.
I came across this forum post detailing some of these supposed ‘free’ sites that end up taking your lively hood from you.

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Other users share some horror stories and warnings about becoming involved with “free” music or DVD websites