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Lester Chambers, now the pin-up boy for musician’s pain

There is online outrage circulating facebook and the internet at the moment at this story. This story confirms so many of our fears about the music industry or any situation where big business meets the little guy… what happens? The little guy gets squished. Many people have discussed the necessity of knowing the industry that you are in, this of course has been expressed in less understanding words. I agree with this on some level, but the responsibility that comes with knowledge about how an industry works should be used to foster talent, not churn up and spit out people like a hamburger factory. In this situation, people don’t get the straight story from big business, and this… no matter what his knowledge, is unfair.

Cher sues for loss of royalties

Another example of famous artists who are realising how labels short change them of royalties and are making some noise about it.
This type of case is notoriously difficult to prove even though many musicians at least have an inkling that it is taking place.
Best of luck to Cher as she attacks this.
Visit this link for more of the story.

via Techdirt

How are you changing to meet the new music markets?

The guys at Techdirt have long been supporters of new and creative music business ideas.

Lately the Music Label Warner has been discussing a voluntary license for ISP’s to pay that covers the use of downloaded music on their networks.

The latest Techdirt article Bags out Warner for defending their idea

I really appreciate the thought that Techdirt has put into their discussion -I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about all musicians giving their music away for free though, for now though, its an exciting time to be in music.