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RIAA does the noble thing… but some things are impossible for them

So the RIAA has elected not to chase University ISP’s for piracy allegations and has promised to stop the strong-handed legal techniques they have been using. So far none of which have been successful.

There is a catch though with this change of heart… All the power of the RIAA cannot stop the wheels of their own voracious legal department. Or in other words, all the lawsuits that are being pursued and investigated right now NEED to be completed.

Which means we might not see the end of the legal battles for a few years to come. geez, give it a break guys. How exactly does this help the artists themselves?

RIAA settles then renegs

OH boy do I love stories like this… The RIAA (read Ripoff Industry of Arrogant Asses) agreed to a settlement with a client they were in the process of suing. They agreed to a fine for the apparent misdemeanors, however when the final papers were handed in the RIAA(insert above text here) had DOUBLED THE FINE for no particular reason apart from their opinion that it ‘wasn’t ENOUGH’

Now of course the Judge who has a previous record of Kicking the ass of the RIAA when they assume the law owes them just happened to be the judge presiding over this trial…. BIG OOPS. The Judge all but threw them in Jail for their stupid stunt.

Thank goodness the law is getting just as sick of the petty tactics of the RIAA, while the public is sick of fine harvesting and the musicians are disillusioned with RIAA support.