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Jon Engle billed $18,000 for his own art work

This is ridiculous.

Kind of scares you from posting any graphics online. And what nasty tactics from the lawyers… I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less from them.

In brief, Jon Engle has been accused by a stock photo website of illegally using their stock images within his client’s logos and brands. The problem is, he designed the logos himself.

The stock photography site then billed him $18000 for the copyright ‘infringment’ and sent some nasty lawyer types after him. here’s to hoping he hangs in there.

post this to your twitter to get the word out:

Logo designer is accused of stealing his own work. Could you pls RT/Blog? – http://www.jonengle.com/2009/04/accused/ (contract) #savejon

Via Slashdot

Editor: This story seems to be swinging back the other way… Seems the ‘hero’ here might actually be guilty as charged.

Check out these links and make up your own mind…