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And another thing to say about Royalty agencies

Royalty agencies have been having their way for years. And now it seems that we’re seeing more stories coming out about the shady tactics and underhanded systems put in place to maximise¬† their profits and limit the money sent to artists.

Here’s another example this time from Germany of a collection agency interfering with royalty payments and stopping musicians from do what they want with their music.

Seems like all the love musicians have for composing is all we have left. The rest is just an incredible uphill battle.

via techdirt

Music Sampling -unstable copyright

So we’ve all heard rumours about the bad things that can happen when you sample someone else’s music. Most of them end up with musicians broke(again) and lawyers and record companies happy (and rich)

Here is a collection of Music Sampling horror stories so you can start some rumours of your own.

There must be an easier way to manage and negotiate agreements for using other people’s songs or samples of them, in much the way that we are able to record a cover song with little hassle.

If you are a songwriter and would like to allow other musicians and creative types to sample your music legally without giving up your rights to receiving income then check out an area of contracting called ‘copyleft’

Creative Common agreements are a type of this contract.