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Jon Engle billed $18,000 for his own art work

This is ridiculous.

Kind of scares you from posting any graphics online. And what nasty tactics from the lawyers… I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less from them.

In brief, Jon Engle has been accused by a stock photo website of illegally using their stock images within his client’s logos and brands. The problem is, he designed the logos himself.

The stock photography site then billed him $18000 for the copyright ‘infringment’ and sent some nasty lawyer types after him. here’s to hoping he hangs in there.

post this to your twitter to get the word out:

Logo designer is accused of stealing his own work. Could you pls RT/Blog? – http://www.jonengle.com/2009/04/accused/ (contract) #savejon

Via Slashdot

Editor: This story seems to be swinging back the other way… Seems the ‘hero’ here might actually be guilty as charged.

Check out these links and make up your own mind…


RIAA does the noble thing… but some things are impossible for them

So the RIAA has elected not to chase University ISP’s for piracy allegations and has promised to stop the strong-handed legal techniques they have been using. So far none of which have been successful.

There is a catch though with this change of heart… All the power of the RIAA cannot stop the wheels of their own voracious legal department. Or in other words, all the lawsuits that are being pursued and investigated right now NEED to be completed.

Which means we might not see the end of the legal battles for a few years to come. geez, give it a break guys. How exactly does this help the artists themselves?