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How come its only writers who get shafted?

I am a musician myself and in many ways this work has a strong parallel in the Music industry too. Co-wrters anyone? It seems though that at least for musicians there are different areas to excel at, such as song writing, singing or entertaining -whereas writers write, unless its a picture book.

Anyway, on to today’s horror story:

I was watching This Morning yesterday, and they had Pamela Anderson on, talking about her new career as an author. I have to confess that as Philip Schofield and Lorraine Kelly waxed lyrical about how wonderful it was that she’d discovered this new talent, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat doubtful about it: I mean Pamela Anderson, a writer? I guess I was being pretty prejudiced, but I just found it really hard to believe that Pammy, silicon tits and all, had writing ability.

But then a few minutes in she rescued me by uttering the magic words “co-author”….

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