Stop the Harrasment, Google, its over.

Dear Google,

Its over. Accept it. We broke up as developer and shopping portal a number of months ago when you told me you never wanted me to be part of your life again, ever, even as part of another development team. You don’t want me developing for the Google play store. You told me this after what you considered 4 bad choices that I made within my apps. You called me a monster who was unfit to be in your store ever again.

When we broke up you did nothing but give me a story, “If you really understood me then you wouldn’t have hurt my feelings like this.” In fact, you didn’t just repeat that same line again and again yourself, you wrote a program to screen my calls, ignore my messages and generally be vague about any questions of what went wrong or ways that mistakes can be undone. I didn’t understand that my choices for development meant so much to you. If they were so important to you, why didn’t you tell me yourself? Instead of sending your automated, impersonal, vague message-robot to inform me in a cold fashion that I had broken section blah blah blah of policy number blah blah blah…. How or what that actually means specifically for my app you left for me to decide.

I was hurt when you dumped me, personally it undid so much that I had hoped and worked hard for. The method that you broke up with me especially hurt. I had to find out through another developer friend that I was somehow unfairly connected with (by you) that my account was banned.

When some time had passed and I began to accept that you would never forgive or listen to me and I would never get an actual explanation from you about what happened I began to court iOS whose rules, while not clear, allowed for a dialog, an exchange to happen. Something that you never did for as long as I knew you.

Imagine my surprise after almost 5 months to find out that your brother, Admob, had decided that he needed to have his say and get his swing in. He not only blocks the advertising served in an app that *was* arguably unfairly removed from your store, Google Play, but also blocked ads from a completely unrelated and never unfairly removed app as well, citing the exact same reason for both apps.

Not only is this incorrect with no form of recourse on my behalf but this is not fair and amounts to harassment. I spent time getting over our break up and invested elsewhere knowing that we could never be together. Stop sending your bullies months after the fact to continually deal out blow after blow with little method used to explain how or why and NO WARNING except for an endless Terms and Conditions article to relate any of your payment systems to the real risk that comes to developers who are spending time with you.

It seems now that I see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Google Play and Admob, your only real response to conflict is canned and your attention to detail is small. Please stop your harassment, its over, I’ve had to move on. Leave me alone, don’t remind me of the mistakes I made unless I can do something about it. Don’t continue to punish me for a mistake that I was not clearly informed I was making and when your investment in preparing me as a Developer to work with you to avoid mistakes like this is so minimal and the punishment and treatment so harsh as to be a joke. You called me a monster, who is the real monster?

yours sincerely,

Heartbroken Developer.

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