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Larry Weir and the Spins Tracking system

Our friends over at cover many scams and ocasionally there is an article that is relevant to our industry.

This article talks about a highly sophisticated bogus radio scam that targets musicians willing to pay to have their music played on a collection of radio stations which create their own music charts with some of the biggest names in current music.

Sounds good you say, what is the scam? the radio statons aren’t hat they are presented as, some of them exist but many of them are not music stations or only play music at specific times.

Read more about the scam here.


edit: This article is still developing as there is contention about whether or not this is a legitimate complaint or just one angry consumer. What have been your experiences with the exposure that comes from using NRP?

Or visit Spins for yourself

You certainly want to VISIT The original article to see what comments are being written at the moment.

So your band says they’re independent

In highschool there was always the group of kids that enjoyed ‘alternative’ music, whatever the brand was at the time… punk, emo, grunge… didn’t matter. They sought out obscure music from obscure bands to make sure they were unique.

Part of what made these bands so special to people in this crowd was the catch-cry, ‘They’re independent’.

Implying that THEIR band didn’t SELL OUT to all the commercialism of such soulless bands like N’SYNC.

What many of those in that crowd don’t realise is that some of those so called ‘Independent’ labels aren’t really very different from the big Evil Commercial labels….

Here is a cool visual layout of all the ‘independent’ labels that bands use.

Major Labels Map

So much for independent.